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Author Topic: BETA firmware R069cb release - Only install this if you have time to test it  (Read 5621 times)

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You can now upgrade the Almond+ to firmware R069cb - This is a BETA release and as such it contains bugs. You have to log in to the web UI on your Almond+ to update the firmware, as this version will not be released via the Software Update option in the LCD UI.

This is a major release based on R069. This is also the first public release firmware with automation support via our rules UI. Note that not all sensor types are supported in this release, but you'll be able to use the key fob as a remote with this firmware.
We've made a quick guide over at the Wiki that explains how to set up various rules -

The release notes are as follows...

Router Features:
Updated Wi-Fi drivers, we're still working on performance optimization, but overall performance should be improved in this release.
CPU Wi-Fi offload is enabled in this release.
The following has been fixed
Garbled data over the WAN port has been addressed.
5GHz interface is not broadcasting SSID when certain settings were changed in the web UI.
2.4 GHz and 5GHz client were not getting internet using the 5GHz radio in Range Extender mode.
Speed issues - 5GHz client to LAN.
General performance improvements to Range Extender and Access Point modes.
LAN clients were unable to access the internet in Range Extender/Bridge mode.
VPN firewall entries wouldn't persist after running any services or reboot.
DNSMASq wouldn't restart after applying settings on the WAN page in the web UI.
Visualization added to the Port Forward and LAN page.
Port ranges are now working in the web UI again.
Storage devices will now mount correctly and you you'll be able to see the available free space on the drives.

Open Issues:

Weather app isn't working in this release.

In some rare cases you may see random reboots and/or the 5GHz SSID failing to broadcast. We've seen this occur on a single unit during our testing.

If you're using Range Extender or Access Point modes, you might see some clients having connectivity problems after flashing to this firmware. Normally a reboot solves it.

Ipsec : VPN services will not work after DHCP renewal from the WAN side. This can be solved temporarily by controlling the UDHCP release on exit in /lib/network/ line number :374
Change from
Code: [Select]
[ "$proto1" != "$proto" ] && append dhcpopts "-n -q" || append dhcpopts " -S -O rootpath -R &"
Code: [Select]
[ "$proto1" != "$proto" ] && append dhcpopts "-n -q" || append dhcpopts " -S -O rootpath &"

Cloud service, router side:

Firmware ZigBee:
Support for NYCE ZigBee sensors.
Support for CentraLite ZigBee sensor. Currently their thermostat and dimmer isn't supported, but we're working on adding them.
Support for Kwikset ZigBee locks.
Improved key fob support.

Firmware Z-Wave:
Added support for in-wall dimmers.
Added support for Jasco/GE in-wall binary switches.
Improved support for Vision PIR and door/window sensors. This includes some of their OEM customers as well, such as Schlage.
Fixed a bug where Z-Wave Plus devices were unable to pair with the Almond+.

Improved LCD drivers.
Bug fixes.

Local Web UI:
Bug fixes.
Rules tab added - Note that you might have to do a hard refresh of the page for this to work, you should be seeing a magic want and the text "Click to add a new rule".

Improvements to the HA server.
Z-Wave server performance improvements.

Please report any bugs here -,27.0.html

You can download the firmware here -

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