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Firmware R067 - Removed
« on: November 04, 2014, 09:42:40 am »
Please note that the download link has been removed due to a bug in the home automation part of the firmware. We expect to release R068 as soon as that has been fixed. Note that this bug doesn't cause any router related issues and if you've installed it, you can continue to use it.

We've just released firmware R067 for the Almond+. To install R067 you have to log in to the web UI on your Almond+ to update the firmware, as this version will not be released via the Software Update option in the LCD UI. You can find installation instructions here -

Note: Once you've installed this firmware, if your Almond+ ship with firmware prior to R064 you will have to perform a factory LCD touch screen test. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and once you've finished the LCD touch screen test. You won't lose any associated sensors by installing this firmware and this is a onetime only thing. It might reset your Wi-Fi settings, but nothing else. Please make sure both Wi-Fi radios are enabled before you update from prior firmwares to R064, or you'll have to do a hard reset after installing this firmware to pass the LCD touch screen test.

This is a major release which includes a lot of bug fixes, feature additions and improvements.

You can download the firmware here - [Link removed]

Please post any issues with this firmware in this forum:,27.0.html

Version: AP2-R067-L009-W016-ZW016-ZB005
Release Date: 04/11/2014
Checksum: b3d2cfde8a6c67e191eb68448048fc5b

Router features
Outbound Ipsec block from LAN side due to ALG ipsec static rule fixed.
Access Point temporarily removed.

Router issues pending
We’ll be releasing a Beta version based on this firmware with the new Wi-Fi driver later this week and a fix for the garbled data in Access Point and Router mode.
The Beta release won’t include the Range Extender option.
The new Wi-Fi driver will also feature CPU offload and vastly improved Wi-Fi performance.

Philips Hue hub support – BETA
If you have a Philips Hue hub, you can now add it to the Almond+ via the Add Sensor option in the LCD UI.
Currently you can only control the Hue bulbs from the Connect Sensors app in the LCD UI, but the Hue app will still work. We will be integrating support into all of our UI's over time.

Firmware ZigBee
DoorLock support added to the ZigBee stack.

Firmware Z-Wave
SetPoint thermostats are supported via the LCD UI and local web UI.
Vision motion sensors now shows temperature readout.
This might work with other Z-Wave motion sensors that have a temperature sensor, but we haven't tested it yet.

New keyboard with vastly improved layout.
Zigbee Doorlock support is added to the Connected Sensors app.
Internet and Range Extender app status pages improved.
Setup wizard has been vastly improved and now allows you to see and change the SSID and Wi-Fi password among other things.
This firmware includes fixes so it'll be possible to update to future firmwares via the LCD UI.

Local Web UI
Dynamic updates for sensors
Validation added in LAN page to avoid few DNSMASQ limitations.
Validation added in DHCP Lease time.
Active leases will now show more than 24 hour in NutsOS.

Cloud related router features
Support for Notifications – Note that this requires updates to the cloud and mobile apps which will roll out over the next couple of weeks.
Added internet connection check functionality.
Updated SSL retry mechanism.
Added invalid Almond affiliation handling.

Print server has been added and enabled in OpenWRT.

Open Issues
Static leases that you have added in OpenWRT and the leases that were previously added here won’t be displayed in the Static lease list in NutsOS. The leases are working, it's simply a display issue that will get fixed in the next release.

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