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Author Topic: Sensor Groups layout and order  (Read 3262 times)

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Sensor Groups layout and order
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:12:26 am »
There needs to be a way inside the iOS app to group sensors and customize the order instead of just listing them in the order they were paired. I now have the following sensors paired:

2 thermostats
2 motion sensors
1 deadbolt lock
6 GE Link 60 watt LED lights

I plan on adding a couple door and window sensors in the near future, and I also could see myself adding up to 6 more LED lights.  It would be very nice to have multiple sensors of the same type in a group. Plus I would like both my thermostats to be able to always be listed at the top. I also would like to be able to link lights in groups. Tap once, and both of my stair landing lights plus my two lights in the atrium turn on, but still leave my front door and garage LEDs off.

Having the sensors listed only in the order they were paired is very inconvenient. The only current way to change the order is to unpair everything and then repair in the order desired. That would take a lot of work with more than 11 sensors across 3 floors in my house.
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Re: Sensor Groups layout and order
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2015, 09:13:24 am »
I second that...

It would be great if the modules could, at a minimum,  be sorted by the "Location at" field. That way all the modules in a each room could be grouped together and be easier to find.  Also, if you wanted them in a particular order you could just use a number in the Location field.  It would be even better if there was an option to list  Groups (location) or Modules.  The Modules option would be like it is now but hopefully still sort them by location. The Groups option would display all your groups (Kitchen, Family Room, Halls, etc) and clicking on the group would then display all the modules in that group.  I currently have 31 modules and agree the current way of listing them is inconvenient and makes it difficult to find a particular switch or sensor. 


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