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« on: April 07, 2015, 09:20:49 pm »
One thing that I thought would be a really good use for these little screens when I kickstarted the + is for random widgets. I see that the clock and weather widgets or pages have now been added, which is great! For the weather one, I'd love to see it tell more than just the temperature. I'd also love it if you could select which widgets/pages to show and for how long. Say, 10 seconds on the time, then 10 seconds on the weather and have that all be choosable. Ideally, there would be some sort of simple Widget API so we could make our own additions like this. These things could easily be showing our last Flickr/Instagram/whatever images, twitter feeds, to do items, charge status of a Leaf or Tesla, images from security cameras, or really anything. If there's a widget api, other people can be adding a lot of features fairly quickly to these routers.

It seems like maybe there would be an interaction API as well. This could allow things happen when something happens on the internet. Say, you get a tweet, photo, mention, like or something like that and a light in your house turns a different color. Lots of possibilities there and if there is a way for end users to be creating these, there's a lot more potential features for "free".

Ooh, if there's an API or some way to communicate, you could have programs on your computer or phone trigger things. The one I just though of that I like the idea of is to trigger a device to do something when you should take a break from your computer. Like, have your garage door get opened and not allow automatic interaction, so you'd have to physically go close the garage door. A forced work break interaction. That sounds a bit harsh, but I'm sure there would be interesting ideas if this type of thing becomes possible.
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