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Author Topic: Almond Router Disconnects repeatedly during online gaming  (Read 2547 times)

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Almond Router Disconnects repeatedly during online gaming
« on: November 20, 2015, 08:15:19 pm »
    I'm having an Issue with my Almond router. This has been happening for about two months now and I just now figured out it was the router causing the issue. This seems to only happen when I'm on my Desktop computer, but it effects the whole network when I'm on my desktop. My internet will normally run great, but as soon as I do anything that requires a good amount of bandwidth on my desktop, my Almond router disconnects and reconnects to the internet ever few seconds causing massive spikes while gaming and making any online game unplayable.

   I'm not sure whether this is a defect of the router itself or something more, although I'm pretty sure it's the router causing the issue. I've tried plugging straight into my modem and everything works great when I do that, but if I plug directly into my router or use my wireless card to connect to the router I start having problems. I've used a wireless card, ethernet cord and a wireless usb adapter. All have the same issue when connected to my Almond Router.

  I've monitored my Almond Router on the screen where it shows if I'm connected or disconnected from the internet. I've literally sat there and watched it for about 5 hours while I was gaming/watching Netflix on my Xbox and using my phone repeatedly to try and get the router to disconnect. After 5 hours nothing... it stayed connected just fine. As soon as I went to play a game on my desktop, bam, router disconnects and reconnects over and over. I'm not sure what's going on, but it's really frustrating and I haven't been able to enjoy online games/creating websites/watch videos on my desktop in months. I'm finally at wits end and would like some help resolving this. I usually like tackling these sorts of things myself, but I have no idea what else to try other than replacing the router. I've tinkered with settings on the router, I've reset my router, I've tinkered with settings on my desktop and nothing will alleviate this problem.

  This also might help some, my internet was running great for about 1 month when I first bought the Almond router. Everything was smooth no hiccups while gaming, it was perfect. I have had internet issues for over a year and getting this Almond Router had really lifted some anxiety I have about internet issues. I don't know why, but I physically hurt when I have internet issues. But, now it's all back and I would really like to remedy this so I can stop stressing about my internet connection. I'm thinking it's an Almond hardware malfunction, but I'm more than happy to try any other steps to try and get this to work.

  Thanks for your time to whoever replies.


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