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Author Topic: Android 5.0 App is out  (Read 3309 times)

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Android 5.0 App is out
« on: December 14, 2015, 08:48:46 am »
We released the Android App 5.0 version, Google may take some time to give the pop-up for the automatic update, however, we can update manually via Play Store.

Please find the Release Notes below:

  • Added support for Local Connection, users can now access the sensors over the local network and switch seamlessly between Local and Cloud connection by tapping the cloud icon on the top-right corner of the App.
  • Added support for Scenes (Scenes allow users to control multiple devices at the same time. For example a user can turn off all the connected lights, with a single click).
  • Added support for Nest, users can now use their Almond app to control the Nest Thermostat and monitor Nest protect.
  • Added support for Z-wave-to-AC IR Extender (ZXT-120), Multi Siren-Philio Multi-Sound Siren --PSE02, Roller Shutter FGR - 221 v2.1.
  • New App icon.
  • Phone back button bug fixed.
  • Added support for Almond Online/Offline notification.
  • ‘Edit all’ option added, this would help in editing all the settings of particular sensor at a time.
  • Network device section in sensors tab: Use mobile phones and other devices as presence sensors.
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