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Author Topic: iOS App 1.8 is out  (Read 3055 times)

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iOS App 1.8 is out
« on: December 14, 2015, 09:01:09 am »
iOS App 1.8 is out and please find the release notes below:

  • Added support for Local Connection, users can access the sensors over the local network and switch seamlessly between Local and Cloud connection by tapping the cloud icon on the top-right corner of the App.
  • Added support for Scenes (Scenes allow  users to control multiple devices at the same time. For example a user can turn off all your lights with a single click).
  • Added support for Nest, users can now use the Almond app to control the Nest Thermostat and monitor Nest protect.
  • Added support for ZWtoACIRExtender, Multi-switch, Multi-sensor, Energy-reader. 
  • Localization for following Languages :
           a. English
           b. Spanish
           c. Norwegian
           d. Polish
           e. Portuguese
           f. Russian
           g. Swedish
           h. Turkish

  • New icon and splash screen.
  • Updated support for Contact switch , Flood sensor and Motion sensor.
  • Network device section in sensors tab: Use mobile phones and other devices as presence sensors.
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