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Author Topic: Firmware R096 is out  (Read 2486 times)

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Firmware R096 is out
« on: February 01, 2017, 09:32:54 am »
Almond 2015 Firmware AL2-R096 is out and please find the release notes below:


Added support for below Climax sensors:
1.IR extender
2.Smoke Sensor - Generic Device
4.Power metering switch - Generic Device
6.Window covering device
7.Remote control - keyfob
Added fix for nyce tilt and occupancy sensors.
Added fix for zen thermostat temperature.


Weather/Time App: Bug fixes.
Default AuthMode is WPA2PSK and EncrypType is AES for both Main and Guest network.
Improvement while Enabling and Disabling the Scene.
Added fix for Cloud status displaying on apps.


Added fix for Almond mode change on link and unlink almond.
Added fix for handling special character in the almond name.
Bug fixes.


Added reachable tag for Hue bulbs.


Temperature precision issue fixed.
Added support for Eco mode for nest thermostats.


Added handling for Network device validation.
Home/away event suppression.
Added fix for adding device locally.

You can download the firmware here -

Hash: 48f2d7439839733931e676bf8c3fd676

Note: Ensure to reboot the Almond 2015 once the firmware is updated and clear the browser cache.


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