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Author Topic: Can I use the home automation features with Almond 3 in range-extender or AP mod  (Read 2949 times)

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I have a reasonably complex system here, and because of it I can't use the Almond as the primary router.

1) I have an 8-IP block and Almond doesn't handle multi-NAT;
2) I have port-forwarding from non-standard ports, Almond will only do like-for-like.

I've tried setting up Almond as a mesh network hanging off my main router, and I can't get it to work.
My main router is on 192,168.1.x, ideally I'd like to set Almond up on 192.168.2.x and configure static routes both ways.  I've set my main router to do MAC binding and always give the Almond an IP of  I then want the Almond to hand out IPs in the 192.168.2.x range, and to have a static route back to the 192.168.1.x .

Has anyone managed to do this, or something like it?


Got it working.  Yet to see if there are any gotchas, but I have my Draytek on 192.168.1.x and the Almonds on 192.168.2.x - and able to ping across LAN segments. 

The key is setting up the primary Almond as a wired connection,  setting it up as fixed IP and configuring a static route to the main LAN segment. 

Only then, set up the wifi as required and bring in the other Almonds to the mesh.

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