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Author Topic: Alexa / Echo does not detect OSRAM Lightify bulb through Almond+  (Read 70 times)

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I have a room in the house with two Zigbee dimmable LED bulbs, one is a Cree Connected and the other is an OSRAM Lightify. Both bulbs are detected fine by the Almond+, and I can see and control both using the Almond app on my phone. However when I try to set them up for voice control with my Amazon Echo, only the Cree is detected by the Alexa app. I have the “Almond for Smart Home” skill enabled in the Alexa app, and it is properly linked to my Almond account. However every time I try detecting devices with the Alexa app, it times out without detecting the OSRAM bulb. The Cree bulb is detected fine and I can control it with the Echo with no problem. But no luck with the OSRAM. I have firmware version AP2-R093-L009-W016-ZW016-ZB005 installed. Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong?


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