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Author Topic: Contact sensors falling off/ not repairing correctly  (Read 10220 times)

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Contact sensors falling off/ not repairing correctly
« on: July 14, 2019, 12:40:22 pm »
Noticed this issue for some time. Occasionally a contact sensor will fall off my system and will need to be reset and then repaired. Mainly the visonic mct-340. Upon repairing the sensor, it no longer has temperature readings. And I have to repair it a few times to get it then to function right . And now the peq ones that I have, have been giving me issues as well? I thought maybe it was the sensors going bad but I recently got a Hubitat and they paired to it with no issues. Iím not wanting to move all my contact sensors over to it just yet as I have no sirens at the moment. And Iím not sure I like the way their app is. Itís def wonky .... anyone else having these issues and or any ideas on what may be causing it? Thanks


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