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Author Topic: Almond+ known issues R066  (Read 3919 times)

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Almond+ known issues R066
« on: September 19, 2014, 02:10:41 pm »
This is a list of currently known issues with the Almond+ and firmware R066. If you're experiencing any of them, please be aware that we're working on fixing them in a future firmware update.
This list will be updated as and when we have a new firmware release, so expect it to be changing. Firmware release notes will be posted separately when we release a new firmware.

5GHz Wi-Fi disconnects on some devices
Wi-Fi performance is still not optimized
AP mode issues are not fixed in this release
SAMBA doesn't work properly with OS X and Linux

English is currently the only language available.
Wi-Fi region can only be changed via the web UI.
There's no way to obscure passwords in the LCD UI, we're working on fixing this, but you can password protect the LCD.

Router Web UI (NutsOS)

Home Automation
The touch screen UI is still under development, please give feedback on what we should add in terms of features.
The local web UI lacks dynamic refresh for the sensors at this point in time.
We're still working on the actual automation, but we're behind schedule on this as it's quite complex, more details to come.

Web App/Mobile Apps
Scenes, rules, notifications and logs are missing, but will be implemented over the next couple months.
Router settings are currently not available apart from reboot, but we'll be adding these over the next few weeks.

The default username of root can't be changed.
Chrontab isn't working properly, please see -,1782
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